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How I wish I had found this wonderful book before my love affair with Malta began. Having bought and read every guide book I could find before my first trip, I innocently believed I was knowledgeable of all the ‘tourist sights’ that this fabulous island has to offer – that was until I read this travel guide by Paddy Cummins. Not only does this lovely book include both the famous and secret gems of Malta, it is beautifully written in such a way that you just know that the author is literally ‘In Love with Malta.’ Paddy Cummins entices you to read his book, not just as a travel guide but as a story – the story that is Malta and its history, its culture and its people, that will make any reader immediately go online and book a flight to what is indeed a Hidden Treasure.
by Nicola Kearns (Author of ‘Under a Maltese Sky’).