Just west of Verdala Palace are the beautiful Buskett Gardens, a wooded area created in the 17th century and is an extension to the palace gardens. It is Malta’s only surviving mature woodland, a dense collection of oaks, olives, orange, cactus, pines, cypress trees, shrubs and flowers. The lush gardens provide a peaceful, relaxing haven for locals and visitors and are a popular place for picnics and for nature lovers exploring the flora and fauna.


The gardens are very popular with the Maltese people, and serve as a venue for the festival on the Feast of Imnarja which is celebrated each year on 29th June. Hundreds of people flock there the previous evening, to eat the traditional Maltese dish of rabbit stew cooked in wine, to listen to traditional folk music and singing, and to enjoy the annual agricultural show in the morning.


The gardens can be explored by following several peaceful pathways, are greenest from autumn to spring with a lot of wild flowers and natural springs, and in summer the trees offer cooling shade from the hot sun. I always find that my stroll around Verdala Palace and Buskett Gardens on a lovely warm day is both refreshing and relaxing and great sustenance for body and soul.


From ‘IN LOVE WITH MALTA’ (The Hidden Treasures)

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