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Marsascala is a sea-side village in the South Eastern Region of Malta that has grown around the small harbour at the head of Marsaskala Bay, a long narrow inlet also known as Marsaskala Creek. The population in winter is about 12,000 people, but this swells to over 20,000 in summer as many Maltese families have summer homes there and it is fast becoming an attractive holiday resort. A prominent landmark is the beautiful parish church which is dedicated to St. Anne, whose feast is celebrated at the end of July and is a big occasion in Marsascala.

Marsascala has always been, and still is a fishing village. The picturesque bay is full of colourful fishing boats and pleasure boats of all shapes and sizes. The village has expanded rapidly in recent years and now reaches to both sides of the bay. The attractive promenade continues all the way to St Thomas Bay with views of low shelving rocks, beautiful scenery and saltpans. During the summer months Marsascala is buzzing with life and leisure activity. Its many hotels and apartments are always fully booked and for those thousands who holiday in Marsascala it is the place to be, enjoying the friendly hospitality and the hot sunshine.


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Despite its rapid growth in recent years, Marsascala is largely unspoiled. It still has the feel of a traditional fishing village. But it has also moved with the modern times, embracing the culture of tourism and providing first class services for its visitors. Here you will find some of the best restaurants, many of them specializing in typical Maltese fish cuisine.

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Marsascala is still one of the undiscovered gems of the Maltese Islands. It is less populated than the larger more upmarket resort areas. Anyone looking for a more peaceful area to enjoy the sea front, beautiful views, fish cuisine and scuba diving will find Marsascala to be a great holiday resort.


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