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The heart and soul of Malta.

Of all the guide books on Malta, this one captures the real heart and soul, the culture, history and people of the islands. I have been to Malta for one short visit and enjoyed every minute of it. But I only saw the well known highlights and felt I didn’t discover the real character and charm of the Maltese Islands. Now, armed with this ‘Bible’ of the lesser known treasures of these idyllic little islands, I can’t wait to return and savour the enchanting atmosphere of all the hidden gems that this book unveils. I feel that this long awaited guide to the real Malta will be an essential item for all tourists visiting the islands in future. An emphatic five stars from me.

John A. (7th July 2016)


A personal experience of this tiny country.

With his Malta books Paddy Cummins does for Malta what Richard Clark does for Crete and other Greek islands. In Love with Malta is a personal experience of this tiny country, with knowledge gained from many visits over the years. Yes, there are some of the more obvious places included, but not without an explanation of why you should visit this particular spot or enter that particular church. It certainly is not just a list of restaurants and bars as many ‘guide’ books are these days, I would say an armchair book to read before you go and take with you as a reminder of what is to be found there. And all served up in Paddy’s gentle relaxed style.

By josephine kelly on 28 July 2016


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